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Dimming problem with LED fixture and FF board

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Greetings to all,


I have recently purchased (2) of the Chauvet Colorstip LED units. The user's manual indicates that if CH 1 is set to DMX values between 200-219, the unit will do RGB mixing. However, I am not able to get the units to dim up or down smoothly. I am using a Fat Frog board. There is alot of flashing as I advance the Fixture wheels up or down, but the non linearity making the RGB mixing useless.


Other important info: My FF board is one of the older units (FDD is near the PS input). I am using true DMX cable for the connection; running an opto isolator between the board & the fixtures; colorstrips patched as intel fixtures. The Red/Green/Blue are assigned LTP under the color attribute. The dim/strobe/control channel is assigned as LTP under the beam shape attribute.


I was able to get hold of an alternate DMX light desk, the Martin Freekie to test the colorstrip's dimming response. With that board, I can smoothly dim and mix from 0-100% with no issues at all.


Also, if I use another Chauvet LED, the PAR200B, I can get very smooth dim/mixing with the Fat Frog. I have tried this in both LTP (as an assigned fixture), and HTP by assigning the fixture directly to the preset faders.


So, what is going on with the colorstrip/Fat Frog setup? Is there anything I can do to "fix" this? (BTW-I am reluctant to call the fixture manufacturer for support, as I have had some less than stellar experiences with this in the past.)


Thanks for any (other) suggestions--John

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