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Hi all,


I've observed on several occasions that a few of the preset faders have been unresponsive.

When i raise the affected faders (usually 2 or 3) the output does not change. However all the other faders work fine. One minute they work - the next they don't so it is not a patch problem.


I don't recall if the flash buttons worked - but I don't think so.

Setting the desk to preset 1&2 (48) and then back to wide (98) seemed to solve the problem.


The problem popped up a few (2-3) times but I cannot recall if the same preset faders were affected.

On one occasion the thumb wheel was also affected and did not react to any user input.


I used the latest SW version 2.?


Best regards


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I have seen this before on early desk that have not had the firmware updated.

It is worth doing a full update, from a bootable pen drive, and do the other updates as well as the OS update.

Please e-mail krogers@zero88.com if you need any more help.

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Hi Keith,


We have also experienced this (or a very similar) problem. Switching to 2 preset and back to wide would "resolve" the issue... It happened fairly frequently, and seemingly randomly. Generally the problem was noticed when the houselights would not respond to their fader being jiggled after the programming of a memory (or so I understand!).


Running v. 2.15 and updated as the full OS.

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Just a thought ... check what the Preset Mix Mode is set to in Setup - Desk Setup - Behaviour.


There are two options:


HTP - Highest Takes Precedence


LTP Mix - You need to use the preset fader to match the current output level of the dimmer channel. Once the level has been 'picked up' you can adjust the output level up or down using the fader.

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