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patch a range of dimmers

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I 'd like to patch a range of dimmer (let say dimmers 1 to 10) to channels 31 to 40 .

Is there a quick way to do so (for example in an old fashion command line syntax: "1 thru 10 @ 31 thru 40")


Same question if I want to patch a range of dimmers to a single channel (I want to control dimmers 1 thru 10 using channel 30).

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Go into Setup - Patch and select the [Edit Fixtures] option. Select the [Patch] option.


Select the fixtures (control channels/preset faders) that you wish to patch in sequential order using the flash buttons below the corresponding preset faders. The selected channels are displayed in the patch table on the monitor.


Move the cursor to the ALL row and the DMX column. Press ENTER, then enter the DMX address of the first control channel. Each of the selected channels will then be patched sequentially from the start address.


To patch a control channel to more than one different DMX address move the cursor to the required channel and across to the Duplicate 1 column. Press ENTER. Select the required universe and DMX address in the popup window displayed.


See Operating Manual Issue 2 Pages 43-48 for full details of these functions.

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