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Help!!! :(

I am a teacher in Nottingham.

We installed a fat frog desk about a year ago and never got any training.

We can operate normal theatre lights, use the submasters and that's about it.

We have just bought two scanners, LFX250, and we can't get them to work.

The manual doesn't seem to tell me how to connect them and addresss them or am i missing something obvious?

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Hi Ted


The lights must be connected to the desks DMX Output using a daisy chain topology. If you already have dimmers connected then the easiest way to link in the new fixtures is to take the DMX Out from the dimmers and into the first light, then out of that light into the second light.


Each fixture will need a DMX address, which will be described in the fixture manual.


You will then need to Assign and Patch the fixtures, which is described in the user manual for the Frogs. If you have any problems doing this, please don't hesitate to contact us - if you let us know which manufacturer the scans are made by, we can check if we currently have a fixture profile to support them.





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Two lanterns are connected to the DMX output.

There are two DMX outputs, so i connected the lanterns, daisy chain, to the unused one using a convertor from the 5 pin output to XLR pin which is what the lanterns have.

The lanterns detect the signal and then i can't get any further.

I have set the addresses on the actual lanterns themselves to A001 and A009.


The lanterns are LFX scan 250.

As i said, i can't seem to get the board to respond!


If there is a training session in the country in the near future, i can make sure i get to it.


Thanks for your reply.

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You may be better off setting the address on the lighting fixtures to somewhere above A048, say A100 and A109. This is because the conventional fixtures will probably occupy addresses 1 to 48. When you go into Super User to patch the moving lights, they will be at the bottom of the list after the conventional channels, which you should see are already assign to channels 1 through 48.

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