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Thank you Zero 88

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Greetings to all,


I would just like take a moment to say "thanks" to the folks at Zero 88 for releasing v 10.9 of the o/s. Having seen the last release was 10 months ago, I was concerned we were reaching the EOL for support. I know the staff has been busy with R/D & deployment of other products over the past few months. But, as an end user that does this primarily on a "community volunteer" basis, I am using the Fat Frog product, and will be doing so for a the forseeable future. I am very grateful for your continued support; I am certain many others here on the forum are too.


Happy holidays to all!


John Adamson

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Yes, I have to agree with John!

Upgraded from 10.8 to 10.9 this afternoon and looking forward to use it on Sunday on duty. Played a bit with the new features and must admit, that it is a great alleviation not to have LTP channels retriggered (because they track to memory zero) when jumping from one cue to an other or to use the "previewing channels while patching" feature. Even some suggestions/bugfixes from 2005 posted by me & others made it finally to the FrogOS. :D


With hoping that this was not the final release of Classic FrogOS, I am sending a big thank you to the Zero88 guys. :)


BTW: Is there planned an updated user manual?

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Yep Zerro 88 Team !


Thanks vor 10.9. !!!

I Just used it at the last weekend :-)


* The Preview while patching makes live so much easier. Also in future as the next jobs in new houses where I have to use to installed Lihgts are booked.


* Tracking off yeah, now I control the frog again and not the frog controls my Lightshow



Looking forward to get the next releases ..... on the way to the suggest a featuere Thems :-)



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