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Frog manuals - different languages

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Dan zou je eigelijk het orgineel gebruikte lettertype moeten weten. Intypen, roteren, opslaan als, &c.


English summary:

Kind request to Zero for the name of the font of the 90°rotated texts on the borders. These appear to be graphics, and untranslatable in this form.


Apologies for late reply ... I only just read this :oops:


According to Ventura (in which the original manual is produced) the font for the text down the right hand side at the beginning of each chapter is: Arial Black (size = 30pt).

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Hi All


Two questions:


  • Is there a plan to bring out a new manual for the frog series, which contains v10 Software? The actual manual is only for v9 soft.


Can I download the release notes for the different Sotwareversions (9 to 10) anywhere? I don't have them anymore.


Greets stagefrog

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Hopefully, there will be an update to the manual when the rest of the new functionality has been added to the desk software. This will include tracking and the move on dark function. The new version of the manual cannot be produced until the new software has been implemented and tested.


As far as documentation goes for the desk software - Issue 6 of the Frog Series Manual plus the Release Notes for Version 10 software cover everything in the current software :D


The manual and the Version 10 Release Notes can be downloaded from the Zero 88 Support Centre .... CLICK HERE

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