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Fat Frog Fader Ghosting Problems/ Replacing Faders?

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This is the second frog ive had, that is giving output values in the 10%-20% range to the some of conventional channels and the moving fixtures.


With all faders down (subs,Go stack and generics) i get a bleed . The only way to kill it is to bring the Grand Master down to zero.


I think i have narrowed it down to values from one dodgy sub fader.


Ive also noted that there isnt much discussion about how,where and the cost of having faders replaced . Im in Chicago,USA.


The Zero 88 faders are not as tough as other brands , i have noticed . It also looks impossible to to self servicing on these, because they are all on one big PCB.


Also is it possible for the ghost problem to come from the pop in memory card?


Thanks for your help!


Brad the lamper du jour

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Before you get your soldering iron out, it would be worth checking out all the faders on the desk using the built-in test mode. This will rule out any setup / programming issues.


Hold down the F1 button as the desk boots, and the desk will start in test mode. The channel flash buttons then select different test pages, and you can see the fader levels directly on the LCD.

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Hi Paul,


Thanks for the reply .


I ran the test and found that one sub fader is bad. In the zero/down position it was throwing up 50% . It makes sense now because anytime you would switch sub pages it would lock that fader in and you could never get out of that first page scene while in a different sub page.


Cleaner did not work either.


The good people at Act Lighting said that faders are about $6 and $75 per hour to replace(usually 2 hours to do).


So this sounds like a very suitable solution.


Ive had alot of Leprecons in the past and their faders are tough as nails , but try to have them(CAE) fix them and they act like its time to throw the board away , so they can sell you another one . BullShite!!!


Anyway thanks for the test tip !



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I'm having a similar problem with my bull frog. The difference is that all or most of the generic channels and submasters are changing level by 1 or 2 %. On the output page I get a constant red and green flashing as these channels go up and down. Act suggested that this might be a power supply problem. I don't think that all of these faders would be bad at one time. Any ideas?



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