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[Cuelist] Trigger S and R/T times

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Who can explain the difference between the S and R/T times in the Trigger column of a cualist.


I want to create a show which contains a few chases and scene which changes automatically every 3 minutes. I think I need the S or R/T time, but till now it doesn't work.


This is my list:

          Trigger           Jump

1.       S00:03:00:00

2.       S00:06:00:00

3.       S00:09:00:00

4.       S00:12:00:00

5.       S00:15:00:00       1


But it doesn't work... :s


Thanx in advance,



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The S and R/T besides times in the trigger column on the memories screen indicate SMPTE time codes and Real Time.


Refer to the Release Notes for Software Release 8 for further details.



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I think that the best way to achieve what you want is to make the memories auto gos and then set a dwell time so that the next chase will happen every 3 minutes. The real time way would mean setting an actual time for the start of the show, eg 7pm then set the next memory to go at 19:03, then 19:06, 19:09......etc etc.



Zero 88

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