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Using Scenes as Steps of Chases

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if you program your scenes into the position pallet you can use them to create a chase but i don't think that you can use the copy-function to put scenes into chases.

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thanks. Does this apply to generic channels, or just fixtures? I can't see a way to save generic scenes into the position pallet, it seems to be solely for fixtures.


Is there a way, and if so, will it save generic brightness, or just the 'positions' of the generic channels - of which obviously there arn't any?


Thank you very much,


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If you make a new fixture with only one parameter (position), and use it as a conventional(generic lamp), then i think it would be possible to program it to the positionpallet.


BUT: brightness is a htp-parameter and position is a ltp-parameter so i don't know how it will react once you will transfer it to a submaster.


Maybe the men at zero88 can make it possible in the future to turn LTP into HTP parameters so when you have a position on a submaster you can easely control the speed of the fixture going to its position.


Please try it out and let me know

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Generic (Dimmer) channels and Fixture brightness (intensity) channels are treated as HTP (Highest takes precedence) channels.


Fixture Colour, Beamshape and Position parameters (eg colour wheel, gobo, pan, tilt etc.) are treated as LTP (Last teakes precedence) channels.


The processing of HTP and LTP channels is significantly different:


A HTP channel output value is calculated from a number of different sources - preset faders (generic channels) or virtual faders (fixture brightness), submaster(s), sx buttons (mambo) and playback X.


An LTP channel output value is based on whatever it was LAST told to do - which could be from the control wheels, submaster, playback or by outputting a palette.


If you create a fixture type a parameter will behave as HTP if it is classed as brightness, or LTP if it is classed as colour, beamshape or position.


A colour palette will only contain fixture colour parameter levels.


A beamshape palette will only contain fixture beamshape parameter levels.


A position palette will only contain fixture position parameter levels.


Back to the original question ....


If you want to copy brightness 'scenes' into a chase memory - use submasters - either program the 'scene' directly onto the submaster as channel data, or program a scene memory and transfer it onto the submaster.


If you want to copy colour, beamshape or position data into a chase memory - use palettes.


Hope that clears things up :D

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