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Here's a suggest i have to ask for, which would save loads of time in setting up the desk and programming...... An auto palette function!


If any of you have used a avolites pearl, you will know what i mean. Sorry Zero88 got talk about the pearl> :? >> basically when you install a fixture it give you a option to load a default palette. its save so much time. I've noticed that you copied their buttons, go on, copy their auto palette please!!! Jands also do a sim kind of thing, and have a off-line editor to create and manage the palette's easly.


its also possible to have the pallets split. ie 6 buttons beamshape,next6 colour etc...


but thanks for the FROG function.. + the faders on your range of desks are so much nicer to use then the pearls.


Any clues on when the nxt update is? :)

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I don't know... where would those pallets be located? And what exactly would you place there?

Okay; it would be rather nice to have selection buttons for the different gobo's and colours if that's what you mean? So when you load your fixture the first x pallets of the colour pallets would become all the different colours your fixture had etc? But that would suck when it consumes space (for instance; I'll program about 12 different colours with washes; that would mean a default pallet would contain 12 colours, limiting my "free" options to 12! that's way too less).

Maybe these kind of things could be selected by the channel-flash selector; ie first 24 will be exactly the same as they are now; 25-48 would be these programmable things?

Don't know... don't really think it's going to be on the list; loads of work I'm afraid, just as my topic considering focus-pallets.

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-where would those pallets be located =same place your already place pallets (depends on the fixture i.e/..how many gobo's ).


- what exactly would you place there? = if you look at some of the fixture files, specifically on details. u will find things like 001 - gobo 1 etc...


These fixed values could be transferred onto the pallets...This also means that zero88 would not have to upgrade the offline editor, as the gobo/colour values can all ready be entered. (yep not all fixtures have these details, but when I used the sirus I used to always have to redo them coz they were usually wrong, but its only a 5min job to do this!)


- consumes space = yep, but its optional, i.e. when u patch the fixture it will say auto pallet <no><yes> also you can record over the created pallets if you wish.

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