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Do we need it anyway ?

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Sorry, but I do not see the need for something like the Phantom Frog. In my opinion the time to develop something like the Phantom Frog should be better used to solve the problems which we all are faced with from time to time. What about all the problems, questions and suggestions we all mentioned in this forum, when will they be solved ? I think that you guys at Zero88 should first do the serious work and later on spend some time on hobbyism! Start with giving us a date when the new software version will be available and what can we expect from it !

:(:( :?:

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Hi Guest


First off it would be good if you joined the forum and became a regular contributor.


First off Phantom Frog has actually been a product such the desks were originally developed. The people in sales and marketing didn't know :oops: and RnD didn't think it would be useful, the same view you seem to take.


It was developed to aid the writing of the software so has been far from a hobbiest thing. That by the way is why it is limited in features as we took a 1/2 day to put it into something we could give you. Does this mean people don't want us to take it any further?


We have said on this forum before when the updates would be out, end of year or at latest early January. We have a limited amount of resource and we are working on several things at present including new software for Illusion. Without getting into in too much depth we have a limited amount of time in development and sometimes we do try and make some money out of product :twisted: We have given away updates on Frog's since day one and have never charged for these. As much as I would like the console to reach a point where it does everything all of you want there are some basics to consider. We sell the Frogs for a very good price, that limits certain things which impact on where we can and can't take the software too. There are things that we all agree we need to do:


Blind Edits

Times on Data on submasters

Manual adjustment of chase speeds while they are live

Better use of keyboard functions

Pan and Tilt Inverse/Revers


Apart from this there are about 3000 other things on the list which if we could do them all would put the desk into the league of a Grand MA... so we may take some more on board for the next update but we will let you know.


By the way we do take into account what people say. That is the reason we are on Version 9. :D




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