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Robin D

Cleaning equipment

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Hi folks.


Any thoughts as to how best to clean a Sirius 500 desk? Its not particularly dirty but has a layer of dust and the grime that comes from being handled.


In particular all the button and slider knobs are grubby and the plastic surround to the desk is marked. Clearly I do not want to use anything that will affect the electronics or lift transfers etc.


Many thanks ....... Robin

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Hi Robin,


The fader caps and knobs can be carefully removed and cleaned with a brush and soapy water.

Note the over ride and speed knobs are the collet type so you have to pop the cap off the top and undo the nut to remove them.


Button are a little more difficult as the PCB needs to be removed form the desk remove the cap. If you do this be carefull as depending on age there is a very small spring in there that is very, very easy to lose.

If you do remove the PCB then again soapy water should bring the buttons up ok.

If you leave the PCB in place then a soft tooth brush and a little foam cleaner applied gently should be ok.


The actual front panel should clean up ok with any antistatic foam cleaner.

I reccomend you spray onto the cloth not onto the desk front panel if you have not removed the PCB's so it does not get into faders etc.

If there are any sticky residue from masking tape etc, that the cleaner does not remove then something like isopropanol or electosolve should be ok again apply to the cloth regardless of if the PCB are present.


The surrond of the desk is a little more difficult to clean, again the antistatic foam cleaner should be ok with small soft brush or lint free cloth.


If you are looking to clean the PCB then a can of compressed air is a good way to go to blast the loose dust off and a small soft brush for anythign harder. Again be carefull of the buttons on the desk as they can be knocked off.

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