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re-progrmamming submasters

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I have loaded the latests software for the fat frog software. When i am reprogramming a submaster i lose what I have recorded on the submaster and only record the live chaanels faders. why is this happening?

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In Version 10.8 software, when the desk is set to Partial mode, channels have to be "tagged" for programming. To check the tag-status of a channel, hold down the Wheel Group button - if a channel is tagged, it will display the outputting level in the Output Window, if the channel isn't tagged, it will display ---.


When a submaster is activated, it tags all the channels that were tagged at the time of programming (and removes any tags that weren't there). Obviously in a busking scenario this means that if you are activating lots of submasters, only the last one you have activated will control the tags.


If you wish to re-record the submaster, the easiest way is to ensure that all the channels you require are tagged (by nudging their preset fader you set them to tagged, unless Wheel Group is held down in which case the tag will be removed when the fader is moved).


Alternatively you could use Edit Mode - select the submaster, press Edit, make the changes (to move a preset fader, you need to hold down the flash button below it then move the fader) and press Edit again to come out of Edit mode.




Hope this helps.

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