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jezter 12/24

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hallo Their Sir. :lol:


My Question is I have a Client With the Problem With the Dimmer Pack output

But he was using a Jester Dmx Controller. and suddenly when he use the jester 12/24 he already for got that the Dimmer Pack that he Using is Only one Output that give him a big Problem. and he asking me that what is the best way he will be taken to or buy that he can used the dimmer pack for splitting the output of the Dimmer pack is their any Solution but what i can say to him is to buy a Splitter for the output but what is the name and the best name that i can tell him i think he already call your attentiuon their. and suddenly someone telling tells that Buy a Dmax24 What it is??? Can you pls help us.. Thank you!!!

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What Dimmer Packs are you using? Do they have DMX Input, or Analogue Input?


Hallo Sir. My Question Is


I recommend the Jester 12/24 Contrller for a few light that he was using i was already know that he new how this things gonna work together but after a month he call me and saying that he got a problem with the splitting the signal thru the dimmer pack he was using i dont know what it is and how manny output for only how many channel for Dimmer Pack that he by out side. i was trying to help her but even i try he cannot say what is it relly the dimmer pack can do..


pls, Help me for some Instances Thank you...

Zhack :lol: 8)

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The Jester has a single DMX output socket.


If the dimmers are DMX, then they should have an INPUT and a LOOP-THROUGH socket, to allow multiple dimmers to be daisy-chained together. Sometimes with installation dimmers (such as the Chillis), there is only one DMX terminal block, so you have to connect the input and the loop-through to the same terminals.


If the dimmers are analogue, then you will need a Demux24 or similar unit to convert the digital DMX signal from the Jester into an analogue signal for the dimmers.

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