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Beware of autosave function with no floppy disc

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Greetings to all,


I have come across an event that that has cause my PF to freeze up and "crash" on 2 occasions. It may not be a 'bug', but it is worth mentioning:


It seems that if you use PF and specify the path for the floppy drive to be a "true" floppy drive (not the hard drive), it is mandatory to have a floppy in the disc drive. Otherwise, when the program performs an autosave, it will get stuck in an endless loop as. It seeks the floppy, but never finds it, causing the app to freeze up--and even worse--all the data that you entered is lost.


FWIW-it may seem obvious to keep the FD in the drive, but, as I said, it got me twice.


--John A

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