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Combining analogue outputs to inputs of betapack

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I am upgrading an existing system and I need to run DMX alongside an existing analogue installation. I plan to install the Demux 24 to enable the existing analogue betapacks to be used with a DMX desk. I need to leave the existing Sirius 24 and analogue system in place so this can be used as well. I plan to parallel up the analogue outputs of the Sirius and Demux, so either can control the Betapacks. I gather this can be done, since the Sirius has blocking diodes on its outputs. I assume the Demux wont complain either? I thought I'd better ask in case I've missed something important!





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The Sirius24 and Demux24 both have output diodes, so you can just wire them together for a HTP (Highest Takes Precedence) mix of the two signals. Make sure your Sirius has the standard positive voltage output (i.e. the optional negative output kit is not fitted), and set up the Demux24 for positive output voltage also. It would be wise to lock the Demux24 when leaving it, to avoid any meddling fingers going into the menus and changing the output voltage polarity.

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