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Betapack 3's and Rack Mounting

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I am looking to put together a rack of 3 betapacks, DMX splitter and Power distro in a rack, am I right in thinking the Betapacks are 4 units high? (Just to check before I order the wrong size rack!).

Also What spacing would you recommend between betapacks?




Edit to add yet another question (sorry!):

The rack will go something like:


Rack Drawer

DMX Splitter

Betapack 1

1U Vent

Betapack 2

1U Vent

Betapack 3

3U Vent - with power distro behind (At rear of rack)



The rest of the back will then be filled with blanking vents.


How many Rack fans would you recommend for the 3 packs?

Are there any fans you could recommend?


Thanks again,


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First you are correct the dimmers are 4U.


If you only have three of them in the rack then you should not need to worry about forced cooling with fans.

All the heat sync is at the rear if the dimmer you will need to leave the back of the dimmer rack clear of blank plates.


The rack I have built up are in the format below.




Dimmer 1

Dimmer 2

Dimmer 3


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