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Softare or hardware glitch?

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I have several faders, including the master fader (for Memories) that are acting up and I am not sure whether to replace the fader or if it is something else.


Basically, when I take the master to full, sometimes, it seems to glitch out and take the intensity back to zero for a moment then back to full. It actually flickers between the two as if it were shorting out. In other faders, one or two of the submasters and one or two of the regulars, the fader will be at zero, but if it is moved to say only 10 percent the intensity will actually flicker up to full. I have actually brushed against one of them and the intensity has shot to full.


If this is a software problem I am at a loss, but it seems to be more of a hardware problem in which case I need to find out where to get parts and if there is a particular method for replacement. My other tech and I have both changed out faders on our old Strand board when they have gone out, but any help is useful.


Or maybe they just need a good cleaning.





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From your description, it looks like the fault is affecting multiple faders. This may suggest it is an ADC reference voltage problem or a 0V problem rather than a broken fader - unless you know the desk has been used in a very dusty environment where multiple faders could be very dirty.


There is a fader test mode on the desk; hold F1 whilst the desk boots, channel flash buttons then select various pages of fader test. If you can get into the test mode then that may help Keith diagnose the problem on your desk, since an ADC/0V fault will probably correlate with a group of faders based on the hardware design.


Hope this can get you going on debug before Keith has a chance to help you out...

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