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I ordered me a Jester 24/48 !

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Hi to all !!


As a member of two theater companies (one amateur and one linked to my old school), I've had experience in sound and light for 22 years now.


Some year ago, we started thinking about 'upgrading' our (very) old ADB installation (analog 12 x 10A) to a new one. But what to choose? After all, our budget is not that high (since we only started our company 3 years ago). Want we knew is that we needed a desk with a minimum of 24 channels. We also want to preset 24 channels together with using memories (or submasters). Knowing the good 'name' of Zero88 material (we rented several sirius and level desks past years).. and after thoroughly studying the manual, we were sure and selected the Zero88's Jester.


Yesterday I ordered our Jester at Ampli in Boortmeerbeek Belgium. I'm awaiting now the mail with the pick-up day. I'm counting....


(and i'll keep you all posted about my experiences)

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Hello and welcome to the forums!


We hope you like your new Jester. If have any questions when you get it, this is the place to ask.


If you've not already seen them, have a look at the screenshots in THIS TOPIC for a preview of what you'll be getting. It's definitely worth connecting a monitor, it makes the desk so much easier to use, and of course there's the multi-lingual online help.

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Thanks Paul!


I've been a regular visitor of the forum already for a long time. I like to know user experiences before I buy a product, just to get an idea about the degree of customer satisfaction... I only registered a couple of days ago when we were sure to buy the desk.


As for the photo's, I skimmed the internet to find photo's of the Jester 24/48 and i must say, there are not a lot of them (mostly small and dark and in a bad resolution). It would certainly help to have a few photos of the 24/48 version (most of the photo's on the internet are the 12/24) and with a bit of detail of front and back (connections, buttons, faders).


I was already planning to put some photo's of our desk here in the forum (once we received the desk of course..)


So: awaited soon=> some photos of our Brandnew Jester 24/48.. :wink:

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Yesterday, I picked up our Jester 24/48 and I must say: I'm quit impressed.

Although the cardboard box is discrete, the desk surely isn't. Look at this beauty. I hooked up my 19" LCD screen to see it in full action! This 'option' is a definite 'PLUS' for this desk.


Enjoy the pictures!!









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