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Jester Operating Software version 1.9

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Jester Operating Software version 1.9 has been released, and is available for download from the Zero 88 support website. CLICK HERE.


This contains the following changes from version 1.8:

  • * Dutch language help text added.
    * Beat function now uses the last two presses rather than the first two.
    * Manual chases no longer jump backwards if the fade pot is moved shortly after a step advance is completed.
    * In Program Mode, the Copy function now also copies the memory/submaster name. This will be pasted into blank memories/submasters only.

To update the desk:


1. Download the zip file, and extract the contents to a USB memory stick. This will be a file with the extension .jos. It is important that you only have one .jos file on the USB memory stick at any one time.


2. Plug the USB memory stick into the desk.


3. Switch on the desk with the Left and Right cursor keys held down. The Jester Upgrade Menu will appear on the LCD and monitor screen. The monitor screen is quite distinctive - it looks like a red and yellow circus tent:



4. Wait for the USB memory stick to be recognised by the desk. This is usually indicated by the LED on the memory stick flickering for a short time, and then returning to a steady flash.


5. With the cursors flashing on <OK>, press the Enter button. When the desk displays the name of the upgrade file found, ensure <OK> is selected and press Enter again to begin the upgrade.


6. The desk will now perform the upgrade. Do not switch off while this is happening.


7. When the upgrade is complete, press Enter to start the desk, there is no need to switch off and reboot.

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