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Used or second hand Frogs

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Hi all, Hope everyones OK!



I can't at the moment afford a new Fat Frog, let alone the Frog2 :( (maybe in a few years!)... so when buying a used or second hand frog, can anyone give some pointers or advise of the sort of things to look out for? i.e.. Age? faders? LCDs...


Many thanks for your help, and look forward to owning a Fat frog soon! ;)




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The only real thing to look for is that the desk has the monitor port fitted. The originals didn't, you can get us to fit one but it does cost money.


Look for wear and tear I guess. There is also a test mode that will allow you to check that all the wheels, faders, buttons etc are working.


If you PM us the serial number for any desk you are interested in, we will be able to tell you how old it is.


Try and buy it from a reputable company. There are the occasional one on eBay or on other sales sites. I would also think about contacting AC or Stage Electrics as they do often have very good deals on new ones or do occasionally have second hand stock.


Happy frog hunting!

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Looks like AC still have some cheapies going:

As New Fat Frog DMX Lighting Console £1,397.50

Ex-Demo Frog 2 Lighting Console c/w Flightcase £3,750.00

Ex-Demo Frog DMX Lighting Console £875.00


They're a fantastic company, often have bargains like this on slightly-used kit, and are generally quite happy to negotiate on prices.



They generally warn you of any problems with the kit, but do ask before buying! And they also normally have farily good warranties, but make sure you thrash out the details before you hand over any money!


Regardless of where you go, make sure you get a good warranty.

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