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Hi, is it possible to copy a chase (with all the steps in one time) to a new

submaster? in that case it would be possible to program al your chases in advance and decide on each show wich chases you want on a the different submasters ?


or wil this be possible with an update ?


now the copy function allows only to copy a chase step to a submaster

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The copy function (either in Program Mode or Run Mode) simply takes a snapshot of the current outputs into an internal buffer.


It wouldn't be possible to copy an entire chase, since a chase could potentially have anything up to 999 steps, and there's not enough memory in the desk to do it.

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I was just wondering if this is still the case after all the software updates.


I was programmimg a small show and had set up a couple of moving heads on a chase in Mem.


I was looking to repeat the mem chase at a few different points during the show, with out having to reprogramme ever time ( which is what i ended up doing





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It would be very nice, if you can copy a whole chase in future software versions.

Maybe you can just store the hardware memory-address of the chase to copy in the hardware memory instead of the whole chase and copy directly into the submaster/memories when the chase is pasted.


just an idea.




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