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after programming a cue...

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is there any chance the window will show the last cue recorded - kind of hard to explain, but when i add a new cue, i have to scroll down the page each time to see it....


also, is there any way of printing a list of the cues in each stack (ooooh, now there's a request!)



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Hi Sam


The request to show the last recorded cue is something which we've had a couple of times, although I don't have the database to hand to give you an FR number.


As far as printing a list of cues, the best option at the moment would be to use Phantom Frog2 on your pc to display each list of cues, then press PrintScrn and paste the image into an image editor. You can then print these screen dumps off, providing a list of all the cues. At present we don't have a more printer-friendly version.




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