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Non-dim on a fat frog

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Hi all.


Like the description says, im looking to somehow use non-dims on a fat frog.


Is there a way to set a channel's dim curve to non dim, or is there a profile for one?


Must be a way surely! Every other desk i know can do it lol.


BTW, the racks im using are betapack ones, so can't set a channel to non dim on the rack end.. unless theres a magic function ive not discovered on my beta's!


Thanks for any help.

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There's a couple of topics HERE and HERE which should answer your question.


Basically you can't set a HTP (brightness) channel to non-dim, but there is a trick you can do by controlling the channel as an LTP channel (assigned as a fixture) and then using 2 submasters (one to turn it on and one to turn it off) with the relevant LTP attribute set to snap.

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