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Programming DB4's - HELP!!!!

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right, i've got 8 of these, all in mode 6.


according to the book of words, they automatically address themselves. to save time, I have them starting ffrom Channel 1, on universe 2.


However, I can only seem to operate the 1st one in the chain...


I've checked everything, all cables etc, and reset them and re-set up but to no avail.


Any ideas?



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If the book of words says they self address, it sounds like a control issue - presumably they address sequentially from the start address. If you've patched the group (1 thru N @ 2/1) then this should be all that is required from the desk end.


Try talking to AC Lighting support - they'll be able to check through the fixture specific things which may be going wrong. I've never used the fixtures myself so can't identify anything beyond the obvious.

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