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Programming a chase on a different cue stack and macros!

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Ok, first time on a Frog2 so be gentle!


i've worked out the entire programming method, all except chases on a different cue stack.


For example, I have (say) cue 3, which is all generic.... i want to add via a snap, 4 minimacs chasing each other and sweeping all around the stage, until i hit go again, when it goes back to the original cue 3 (or would this need to be cue 4 programmed the same as cue 3?)


Could someone explain in simple terms the best way to achieve this....


Also, what does the move in dark thing mean!?



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Hi Sam


The first thing you need to do is program another stack with the chase you want the minimacs to do. In this example i'll use stack number two. Program each step of the chase as a cue in the stack. Then enter the command STACK 2 SETUP. The stack setup window will appear on the touchscreen. Press the Chase button, followed by "Turn into Chase". You can then set the modifiers as required.


Next you need to program a 'dummy' cue into the original (generic) cue stack. The easiest way to do this is to CLEAR the program window (press CLEAR twice) then press RECORD 1/4 ENTER. This will record a blank cue into Cue 4 on the stack.


Now load the Cue Stack window (button on the touchscreen) and navigate across to the macro column. Press SET, and enter "G2" (this is a 'go' command for stack number 2).


Do the same for the cue where you wish to 'release' the chase, except that the macro should be "R2".




Move In Dark pre-sets your moving heads in their next position/colour/beam, meaning that you don't have to program dummy cues to move the fixtures into position before fading up. With MiniMacs this will be hard to see, as the fixtures do not have a dimmer. The way it works is the desk detects when the fixture is 'dark', and then looks forward in the cue stack to the next available memory. It will then set the fixture to the parameter values for that memory, in prepration for the fade up. If you do not want a particular cue to move whilst dark (for example, if you want to force a colour change whilst intensity fades up), there are macro commands which can be entered in the macro column to disable move whilst dark for a particular cue.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more help or have any further questions.





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There is no FROG mode as such.


The inbuilt effects generator takes two seperate guises. The first is the Auto Palettes function, which is enabled in Setup, Auto Menus. This will automatically generate for you 31 effects palettes, with things such as figure 8, circle, triangle, as well as rainbow, iris, dimmer and other effects.


The second part of the effects system is utilised via the Effects Window. Press the Effects Window button on the touchscreen to view it. You can then assign mathematical waves (sine, cosine, sawtooth, etc) to any parameter of a fixture. The sizes, offset and speed can be adjusted on a per-parameter basis.


Size, Speed, Offset and Rotation can also be controlled by the wheels, when the Effects attribute is selected.




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  • 1 month later...



have progammed my first chase, but, it's not working properly.


it's keeping the same parameters for the fixtures as the cue before, and has kind of overlapped the generics and movers together?


the movers were deffinately tagged when programming in stack two..


also, do i need the fader up for stack 2 all thorough the show?


i've added the syntax g2 for when i want the chase to start, and then r2 on the next cue when i want it to end - but no joy. :-(

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ok, now re-played, and i have my entire show on stack one, and my chases are going to fill up stacks 2+


I have a chase on stack two, but once it's played back, i can no longer see stack one without deleting stack 2 (sorry - confusing!!)


i've used syntax to make stack 1 cue 14 playback stack 2 (by using 'G2') and then on stack 1 cue 15, i've put in an new state, with 'R2' to release the chase and return to a generic state.


I presume I have all faders up for the entire show - is that correct? - as it doesn't work at all :? :oops:



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Hi Sam


How have you programmed your stacks? It sounds as if you may be having problems related to tracking and stomping. A stack which is activated will 'stomp' on another cue stack which is active - meaning that when you activate stack two, the data from stack one will stop outputting and stack two will gain control of the channels programmed into it.


If you have full programmed stacks, you will need to trigger a specific cue on stack one when you release stack two.

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tracking and stomping????? whats that all about?


your description sounds exactly like what is happening - so what do i do?


my stack 1 is saying go to stack 2 (but not realeasing stack 1 as it does that.....)


and my next cue (in stack 1) is saying release stack 2 (and i just assumed it would go back to the state programmed on that cue in stack 1)


does that make sense!?

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Stomping: one stack can remove control of parameters or whole fixtures from another stack. If Stack 1 includes channels 1 to 10 at full, and Stack 2 is triggered controlling Channels 2 to 5 at 50%, with mix mode set to LTP Stack 2 will gain control of Channels 2 to 5. If you then release Stack 2, Stack 1 will continue outputting minus Channels 2 to 5.


If Stack 1 and Stack 2 have the same parameters programmed, activating Stack 2 will release Stack 1.




Tracking relates to the ability to program only the changes required by a cue.


Q1 - Channels 1 to 10 at full

Q2 - Channels 1 to 5 to 50%. Traditionally this would also have included channels 6-10 at full.

Q3 - Channel 1 at 0. Traditionally this would have also included channels 2-5 at 50% and channels 6-10 at full.

Q4 - 'Snapshot' All Channels at 0%


If you decide to alter the level of channel 10 in Q1, using tracking this change will then filter though Q2 and Q3. Because in Q4 all channels are programmed at 0% this stops the data from tracking through that point.


Hope this helps.





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