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Back up / Second copy

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is it worth keeping 2 floppies of the same show ? with all the talk or broken floppies and drives don't want to loss it all just befroe a performance!!!!


can you save a set up to a pen drive even thought you can not run it from there?


and would you have to have phantom frog running on the computer to tracesfer the set up to floppy?

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You can transfer any Frog show file onto your PC for safe storage using a standard windows PC. Of course, as you pointed out, you won't be able to load the show into the desk without using a floppy disk, but any sort of storage media should accept the show file.


As for whether a second floppy disk is worthwhile, I would say yes. Floppy Disks use magnetics to store the data, and are susceptable to problems with reliability.



Hope this helps





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thanks peter


no reason i can't save a copy or phantom on to the pen drive as well?


just in case i need to use it on a completely different computer?


have one for the sound desk so carry it any way that is y i was asking.

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