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Steve Harris


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Hello Folks,

We are operating a bullfrog with 3 Chilli pro 2410 dimmer packs, and about 12 intelli fixtures assigned.

The unit has been in use since 2003 on the original software v6? and was upgraded 3 weeks ago to v9? I can't remember the full version numbers.

This workrd fine for two weeks.

last week our power supply packed up, and as they aren't exactly off the shelf here in Zimbabwe, we made up another supply to meet the specifications.

About an hour and a half into our service this morning, the desk shutdown, losing all power to the displays and monitor, and would then try and reboot, bringing all the lights up again. It did this twice then wouldn't reboot, with the lcd displays pulsing.

We switched everything off, and after a couple of minutes switched on again. Everything ran for about 10 minutes when it repeated the symptoms. The guy who supplied the power supply is adamant this is a software issue!!

Can you advise if this is possiblly the case, and if so, how do we fix it?


Please can you reply to my e-mail address as well as shannone@htwm.co.zw

Many thanks

Steve Harris

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The +5V voltage to the desk is quite critical, if it goes under-voltage even by 0.2V or so, then the desk will reset. I'm not sure what you've "made up", but you do need a well regulated +5V with a bit of power behind it. Something like an old PC power supply should do the trick. Use the thickest wire you can, and keep the length as short as possible to avoid voltage drops.


If you tick the "Notify me when a reply is posted" box when making a posting, then the forum will automagically email your registered email address as soon as there is a reply.

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Thanks for the info.

We monitored the voltage throughout the second service, and approximately 90 mins after start up, shutdown again.

We were unable to measure the 5v signal as it was direct from the tx, but the 12v signal had moved to 14.2v and there was a lot of heat in the enclosure.

Doesn't seem like a software issue to me.


Thanks for advice about e-mail, always get, but wanted to also go to other party.


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