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"Fixed" checkbox in Fixture Type Editor

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Hi there,


I've got a Fat Frog on hire for a production (Extremely nice desk by the way) and have downloaded the Fixture Type Editor to create some profiles for some obscure scanners we have. My only question is this:


What is the "Fixed" checkbox under the "Details" tab of a parameter actually for?


See attachment if you're not sure what I'm blathering on about.

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If you are using the fixture data on a Frog series desk you do not need to concern yourself with the parameter details as they are not read or processed by the desk.


We use the same fixture library for the Frog series, Illusion 500, Frog 2, Diablo, and (indirectly) Sirius 250/500 desks. Currently the parameter details are used by the Illusion 500, Frog 2 and Sirius 250/500 desks. The information stored for each fixture type has been modified over the last year in order to provide some additional functionality on the Frog 2.


The 'Fixed' checkbox is currently only used for the Sirius 250/500 desks. If the box is checked, then when the wheel is within that range, the desk will output the Midpoint value, not the actual wheel position.

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What does the "Fixed" check box do when adding details to channels int he fixture editor?

I have checked the manual and there is no mention of it.


The only thing I can think of it doing is if a function of a range e.g. 64<>71 does only one purpose and their is no variable. Is this it's function?




Edit: Ah I couldn't find this post when I searched.

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