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frog fade times

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Hey guys,


I am very very confused abut something - This week i'm running a show on a frog, (hmm.... green)


This is a pretty dumb question but, can someone please explain how the up and down times work. EG


I have 10 cues, each one going from a general wash to a special (and vice versa)


Say i wanted a 10 second dippless cut or build

Or a 2 second dippless cross fade?


Please help

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OK, here goes ....


The Fade Up and Fade Down times relate to the generic (dimmer) channels and fixture brightness channels only.


If a channel is going from a lower value to a higher value - it will use the fade up time.


If a channel is going from a higher value to a lower value - it will use the fade down time.


The fixture colour, beamshape and position parameter outputs behave according to their corresponding colour, beamshape and position actions. If the action is snap, they will snap to their new values on pressing the Go button; if the action is fade, they will fade to their new values in the LTP fade time.


Hope that makes things clearer .... :)

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