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Phantom Frog - doesn't do much?

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Jan, I think you may have misunderstood. Zero88 have JUST released an offline editor, which is an offline simulation of the Frog series desks. You can create shows, edit shows and perform all the functions as if you had a desk in front of you. You can download it from the download section of the zero88 site.

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We decided to get this out as quick as we could so the paper work is running a little late. :oops:


That said it is simple to work. Select the desk, select run then open desk top and monitor. It can be used to read show disks, record disks or edit a show. Use your mouse to move wheels or sliders or click buttons.


Right clicking a button will hold it down. So to get into super user mode right click the + and - keys then click on enter. Right click the + and - to unlock them.


If you find bugs or want any more info please post here.



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From what I gather I have downloaded the aforementioned offline editor but as yet, I haven't managed to start any typr of visual display, the lcd screen is blank and despite frantic clicking nothing comes up on the monitor view. Am I missing something, or just dense!?



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When you have selected which frog series desk you want and displayed the front panel and monitor screens - you need to click on RUN in the Frog Offline window to start the desk software running in the simulator.


You then use the mouse on the front panel to simulate what you would do on the real desk, eg move faders, press buttons etc.


To get into Super User you need to Right click on the + and - keys so they both have a red dot in them; then click on the ENTER button. Right click on the + and - again to deselect them. You can then navigate through the Super User options in the same way as you would on the desk.

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To save a show to the floppy drive:


First, set the floppy drive as the "Floppy Path" in the Phantom Frog options window (the one that loads when you start the program). For most PCs, this will be A:

Now, click Run and activate the front pannel and / or the monitor, as required.

When you wish to save the show, enter Super User. To do this, right click on +, right click on - and Left click on Enter. Now release the + and - with furthur right clicks.

Use the ^v arrows to select Floppy Disk, then press Enter

Use the ^v arrows to select Save Show, the press Enter

Select the show number

Press Enter

Use the ^v arrows to move to Exit, and press Enter, then exit super user in the same way.

Your show file will now be on the floppy disk.



Hope the above helps.





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When you open the phantom frog up you must press the RUN button, this is like 'turning it on so to speak!'. As for accessing Super User, right click the + button then right click the - button and then left click the enter button nd your in, use your cursor keys (as you would on the desk) to navigate.






Edit- And to answer your other question No you don't need to be online!

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