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Is it possible ?

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Due to some crappy moving lights that our theatre has managed to rent for the duration of an upcoming show I have a problem.


Is it possible to edit a value into every single cue without having to press teh edit button on each cue. I have over 200 cues and they all need to have fixture 1 dimmer set to 82% as thats its off value. Do not ask me why, they are more for disco use but anyway I need to use them.


Is there a way to multi edit a mover into every cue ?


Cheers !!

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I'm afraid not... the only way to get such behaviour is the use of pallets, and you can't use pallets on the brightness attribute. If it's only intelligent lighting you used; you could set your master fader at 82% and use an extra submaster to push the rest of all the intensities to 100%. That is offcourse, assuming you programmed @ 100% all over.


Think you have some editing work to do ;) Maybe Z88 could provide you with a way to alter the actual showfile, but I don't know if there is one.

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Would partial mode work, you see these movers were brought in at the end of programming and I wasnt really told.


And hence they are not programmed into any of the cues, a few cues need the movers in but if I set the brightness to 82% in the previous cue the as the fade up of the previous cue takes place the light comes on and then goes to its value of 82% ready for the next cue where it goes up to 88% and comes on.


Is that understandable ? Is there anyway withou reprogramming the 200 or so cues so that it looks bearable ?

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If it's not actually in any of the cues, I'd just set a submaster (or even leave master A or B) with that channel as 82%, and leave it on full the whole time. This 82% will HTP override the 0% Programmed in any of the cues.


Of course if it's programmed anywhere above 82% in any of the cues, have fun with your editing.

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