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Compatible External Touch Screens

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UPDATED FOR ZerOS VERSION 7.2.0 - 21/12/2011


It is possible to connect external touchscreens to the ZerOS consoles via USB. Supported screens will be listed here as and when the drivers are integrated into the desk operating system and tested.


Please only buy screens that are listed here as known working. Other screens may not work with the desk.


Currently known working (tested and confirmed), ZerOS version 7.2.0:


3M Microtouch M150

3M Microtouch M170


LG L1730SF

LG L1530SF


Solarism LM1731BT

Illyama T1531SR


Currently assumed working (driver support provided, no reports):




LG Touch (all)


ELO touch (most) - see below

3M PCT touch screens

Cando dual touch panel

eGalax dual-touch panel

MosArt dual-touch panels

N-Trig touch screen

Quanta Optical Touch dualtouch panels

Stantum multitouch panel

eGalax, eTurboTouch CT-410/510/700


3M/Microtouch EX II series


eTurboTouch (non-eGalax compatible)

Gunze AHL61

DMC TSC-10/25


IdealTEK URTC1000

GeneralTouch Touchscreen


Super_Q2/GogoPen/PenPower tablet


USB touch controller e2i

Touchscreen controller (e.g. from Mimo 740)

Zytronic controller

ET&T TC5UH touchscreen controller

NEXIO/iNexio device

Sahara TouchIT-213 touchscreen

TSC2007 based touchscreens

TPS6507x based touchscreens


Not yet working:


Solarism LM1730S

ELO Touch Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR) screens

FireBox Displays

LG T1710


Screens with a serial connection will not work via a USB-Serial converter. The screen needs to have a direct USB connection.


Although we will endeavour to add support for other screens where possible, we make no guarantees about this since the drivers may not be available in the correct format for the desk operating system. If you want us to add support for a different screen, then we may ask you to loan us the screen (including the drivers CD that came with it) for a short time for testing. Unfortunately we cannot go out and buy one of every type of screen available to do this ourselves.


For further discussion, see THIS TOPIC.

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