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Level 6 desk

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Hi there o' helpfull web forum...

I have a small problem of a Level 6 (6ch analouge control desk) not working.


I have an alpha pack and small lighting rig set up in one of our drama rehearsal rooms with the level 6 conected thru a short cable to the alpha pack dimmer. The system was set up fine about 12 or 18 months ago and all has been fine. The trouble is that the desk no longer works i.e. the power light will not light and the desk can't control the dimmer. I have tried the desk in a diffrent alpha pack and still no joy. The cable has been swaped as well but nothing seems to work. I have opened the desk to find no loose cables or anything obvious.


The main cause of the problem I guess is that the system is left powered up nearley all the time by the students and staff who use it. Could this be the problem or could one of our lovley students tampered with somthing? everything looks ok though. (the electricians put the sockets in a difficult position so they get left switched on, sometimes for days/weeks.)


Many thanks for your help :)

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leaving the unit powered up should not be a problem as I know of a number of units that are on 24/7 365..

Does the level get moved around or unplugged on occasion

My best guess is that is it then there may have been a problem if it was done so while the pack was live.

You could be looking at a short on the input during connection having damaged one of the internal components or possible stress to the solder joint on the din socket having fractured the track to a Pin.

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