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Hey guys just another quickie is it possible to create an offset for dimmer values on say 6 x Mac250's???? the effect i am trying to create easily and quickly is all 6 movers pointing vertically down and dimming between 50-100% in a pulsing fashion but having that effect offset???

do i need to create a chase for the lamps to go up and down on the dimmer value and then access the offset somehow???? plus the dimmer value MUST fade not snap


sorry but pls help im guessing i just have to bite the bullet and program a fairly longwinded chase


i fully understand the fat frog isnt intended for the same applications i am use to with a whole hog and avo boards


any help greatly appreciated.

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Yes, it is possible...


Select the fixtures you require, using the fixture select buttons.

Press and hold the BRIGHTNESS button for 3 seconds, then use the wheel to adjust the Edit Mode from 'Absolute' to 'Fan First'

Release the BRIGHTNESS button and move the wheel to adjust the brightnesses. The fixtures will increase in brightness relative to each other.




Hope this helps

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