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Submasters & Fixtures

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Ok, Interesting one = how can i record and trigger a fixture that is on a submaster with out it affecting all the other fixtures that are already active -

E.g.: I run shows off of subs; and if i have sub1 triggered with say all the fixtures in a red and with rotating gobo's, i then want to put sub2 up so that one of the fixtures becomes say a white special in the center: but the rest continue rotating there gobo's! - At the moment i have to re-record all the fixtures if i just want 1 fixture to move - and if they are all doing F.R.O.G. effects or rotating gobo's it will start them back from the value they were recorded at!


So basically is there a way to make fixtures inactive when recording cues and submasters????


Thanks, Clive

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The first thing you need to do is to put the desk into Partial Mode. This can be found in Super User - Desk Setup - Program Mode.


When recording fixture data into memories or directly onto submasters, ensure that only the fixture(s) you want recorded are 'tagged'. This is indicated by the yellow light in the fixture selection button flashing.


You can also record down to attribute level (eg colour, beamshape or position), by holding down the required button when you press Program.


Note that the tagging only applies to the LTP parametere of the fixture; brightness is always recorded, so if you don't want a fixture on in a memory or submaster, ensure you turn it's brightness down before you press record.

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