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Wheel Group button doesn't work like it used to

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Read the update notes on that one!


The wheel group now has a different function: it is used to view the tagging state of each attribute. The former wheel group function has been moved to the attribute selection buttons, which you can press to flip though the different attributes. Read the notes for a more detailed description.

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All desks are supplied with a floppy disk which contains the software version installed when the desk was shipped. We don't make old versions available for general download from the website since we don't usually want people getting tangled up in problems that are now resolved. See the release notes for 10.4 to see what you'd be missing out on going back to 9.8.


But if you're sure that all the new stuff in 10.4 is not worth learning the new button usage for...

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Now I do apologies if this is else where on forum, but the search function won’t work me!


Now my fat frog has done something strange to me today... for fixtures that have more than 3 channels that are assigned to a wheel, i.e. with a Mac, you have to press group to get to the next lot like speed etc, mine doesn’t. It use to until a few hours ago, whereby the (in this case) POSITION button flashes… the group button does not flash. To get to the next set of channels, I have to press position again. Obviously usually the attribute button is stable and the group button is lit.


How has the group button become redundant and its job taken over by the relating attribute button? I’ve tried clearing the desk to default and no luck.


How do I get it back???





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Check what version of software you have on the desk.


In version 10 the operation of the WHEEL GROUP button was changed. It no longer cycles through the wheel groups, where there are more than three parameters for the selected attribute - this is now done by the corresponding attribute button (COLOUR, BEAMSHAPE or POSITION).


For full details of the software changes see the release notes.

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The wheel group button on my Leapfrog doesnt work(from the time we bought the console). I have to use the the pallet buttons to shift to different paramater pages in the pallet menue. We have two other similar consoles and they work just fine. Is there a way to activate this button?

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Hi Zorp


The Wheel Group button changed function between software version 9 and 10. The Colour/Beam/Position buttons now cycle through the wheel groups, and the Wheel Group button has become a 'shift' button used for tagging in partial mode. If the Wheel Group button is still 'working' on your other desks then they are probably running older software.



Hope this helps






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