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a few suggestions

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1) is it possible to make the pallets work stand alone?

-->what i mean is that when you lock the pallet-screen, it should be

possible to select the required color or position without pressing the attribute-button.


2)when you have, lets say, 4 moving-chases selected on your sx-buttons, then is it possible when you desellect them it goes automaticly to the previous one?


3)overlapping memories

-->when you have a few positions programmed on your pallet and you have a simple position-chase(going up/down) then would it be possible to make the chase work on every position programmed in your pallet by just selection the position when the chase is active?

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1) Palette-lock functionality was added in release 9.0. See the release notes for details.


2) This would require the desk to keep a history of data sent to LTP outputs, rather than simply keeping the last value which is what it does now. Big re-write of internal memory structures etc!


3) Movement effects are now recorded in position palettes (release 9.0). However since you can't currently record a movement effect separately from it's centre position, the overlap effect you describe cannot currently be achieved.

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