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Zero 88 Diablo / Chauvet Tiger

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Hi there,

I really like my Diablo, but it would be nice to be able to store more than one show at a time on the memory card. I know Zero 88 don't have any in stock anymore, so I was wondering if anyone else has any kicking around?


I know the Diablo was rebranded for another manufacturer, but I can't remember which one and what they called the desk. Maybe they have there own memory cards in stock, or know a supplier who can help?


Any help here would be great!






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The Diablo memory modules 0011600 were the same as the ones used on the Mk2 Alcora/Elara (the blue/green versions), so if you can get hold of one of those it will work fine. They come up on ebay occasionally, so might be worth setting up a watch for one. For Diablo you want the Mk2 memory modules which had blue plastic covers, not the older Mk1 memory modules which had grey/black/beige covers.


See also THIS TOPIC.

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