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Fixture library only with Robe

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You can create your own libraries using the tools available for download of the Z88 website! Just use the current library, import the items you want to have in your own custom library and save it to disk. You can also update the standard fixtures of your console to contain your own personal fixtures.

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But i will only have those fixtures that i list in my first post on a disk, not all of them...

Which you can do using the software ice mentioned. Create your own empty fixture file and import just the fixtures you want. Or make you own 'Common Fixture File' with just those fixtures in so that only those are available in the desk.

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Hi newcommer to Fat frog. Just learning lots at the moment. download version 16 and cant find Robe Listed but notice from the forum that they were on Version 15. I know you can create them but wanted to just load a fixture and get to grips with the desk before the editing new fixtures


Are they still in Version 16 and if so where? looking for XT 250 and 500

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If you check the text file in the link on the Fixture Library post you will find the following Robe fixtures are in the library :D



Beam 250 XT

Club Roller 150CT

Club Roller 250CT

Club Scan 150

Club Scan 250

Club Spot CT (8 )

Club Spot CT (16)

Club Wash CT (8 )

Club Wash CT (16)

ColorMix 240AT(M1)

ColorMix 240AT(M2)

ColorMix 250AT(M1)

ColorMix 250AT(M2)

ColorMix150AT Prof

ColorMix150AT Wash

ColorMix550AT (M1)

ColorMix550AT (M2)

ColorMix575AT (M1)

ColorMix575AT (M2)

ColorSpot 170AT M1

ColorSpot 170AT M2

ColorSpot 170AT M3

ColorSpot 170AT M4

ColorSpot 250AT M1

ColorSpot 250AT M2

ColorSpot 250AT M3

ColorSpot 250AT M4

ColorSpot 575AT M1

ColorSpot 575AT M2

ColorSpot 575AT M3

ColorSpot 575AT M4

ColorSpot575EAT M1

ColorSpot575EAT M2

ColorSpot575EAT M3

ColorSpot575EAT M4

ColorSpot1200AT M1

ColorSpot1200AT M2

















DJ Roller 150 XT

DJ Roller 250 XT

DJ Scan 150 XT

DJ Scan 250 XT

Dominator 1200 XT

Ecolor 250 XT



Hip Hop

ImageSpot250 AT 8

ImageSpot250 AT 16

LED Blinder 96 M1

LED Blinder 96 M2

MSZoom 250 XT(8 )

MSZoom 250 XT(M1)

MSZoom 250 XT(M2)

RecessedSpot170 M1

RecessedSpot170 M2

RecessedSpot170 M3

RecessedSpot170 M4

RecessedWash150 M1

RecessedWash150 M2

RecessedWash150 M3

RecessedWash150 M4

Scan250 XT (8 bit)

Scan250 XT (Mode1)

Scan250 XT (Mode2)

Scan575 XT (8 bit)

Scan575 XT (Mode1)

Scan575 XT (Mode2)

Scan1200XT (8 bit)

Scan1200XT (Mode1)

Scan1200XT (Mode2)

Spot150XT (Mode1)

Spot150XT (Mode2)

Spot150XT (Mode3)

Spot150XT (Mode4)

Spot160XT (Mode1)

Spot160XT (Mode2)

Spot160XT (Mode3)

Spot160XT (Mode4)

Spot250XT (8 bit)

Spot250XT (Mode 1)

Spot250XT (Mode 2)

Spot575XT (8 bit)

Spot575XT (Mode 1)

Spot575XT (Mode 2)

Stage Banner 10 AT

Wash150XT (Mode 1)

Wash150XT (Mode 2)

Wash150XT (Mode 3)

Wash150XT (Mode 4)

Wash250XT (8 bit)

Wash250XT (Mode 1)

Wash250XT (Mode 2)

Wash575XT (8 bit)

Wash575XT (Mode 1)

Wash575XT (Mode 2)

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