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memory questions...

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-) don't know if is correct: the mambo frgo has 400 memory block (and if ) make chase of 100 steps, it will be 300 block avaible for scene)...

but the step of my chase, can ) use them as scene?


-if the mambo frog has only 400 memory block, why 999.9 different numbers possible?


-the mambo frog has preprogrammed movement, like circle... if ) make a movement, can ) save like preprogrammed type or must ) use the 400 memory block?

(and if it's possible to spare the memory bloc, can ) save the movement only?)

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Hi Nico,

I just referred to the Mambo Manual. You do have 999 Momories in total.

These Memories may be single Scenes or Chases. But!!!!! The chases reduce the possible absolute Memories. i.e. 10 Chases with 99 steps each will use the whole memory capacity.


All Frog desks operate with the same software!!!!

Till yet it´s not possible to save an effect as Palette! I think it´s in the list "to be reviewed". Therefore you have to save a movement effect as a Memory. please keep in mind to set your desk in "Partial mode" . Then you`re able to save only the Position to a Memory.


I hope this helps operating your MAMBO




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I have just checked the specification and manual for the Mambo FRog.


What it should say in the manual is that the maximum memory storage capacity is equivalent to 400 full scene memories. This means that if you have assigned fixtures which use all 1024 channels then you can program up to 400 scene memories. If however, you only used 512 channels then you could program up to 800 scenes. With fewer channels you can program up to a maximum of 1000 scene memories.


Hope this makes it clearer :)

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it's not a joke...


more fixiture you have, more memory you need...

and the mambo give you less when you want more...


is that possible to add memory?

or in the futre, is the hardware be abble to do this operation?

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