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we have a party in april where we have a lot of truss. so my question is,: has somebody some ideas so we can fill the gaps between the heads? previous editions we used led tubes and paper sferes with strobes in them, and this time we need something new. It doesn't have to be complex and expensive, but it must be notable.





ps. The fixtures we already have are:


- 16 movitec SL250

- 4 martin 3000

- 4 martin MAC 600

- 20 martin MAC 500

- 2 martin MAC 2000

- 4 pulsar chromabank

- 4 blinder

- 8 lineblinder


and 160m truss, so we have a lot of open space :cry:

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the music is mainly hardstyle, jump and house.


the truss is located above the visitors and around the stage.


I have a wysiwyg screenshot, but I'm not able to upload it now.

Going to do that tomorrow.


We already have pyro effecs in the truss, but were needing something visual for the whole evening.




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You could re-use those paper sphere's. Buy some UV reflective paint in several colours, and spray it onto the sphere's. Hang them by a fishing wire and use some blacklight cannons to light them. The effect is very cool and decorative, and important: cheap!





Edit; or do you need something that has a dmx address? :)

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