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Get a fixture wheel to act as a dimmer

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Having recently been plunged into using a Fat Frog, I am doing OK so far, but I am struggling with patching. The auditorium has no dimmable house lights so I have to use some lanterns on generic channels. I would like to assign a fixture wheel to this purpose, but I don't know how!. Can anyone help please?



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I sussed that myself! What I can't get to happen is the patching. If for example channel 48 has address 048 at present, If I try to put address 048 in the fixture the desk automatically changes it as it is in use. So then I add a duplicate address for channel 48. Nothing happens. I realise this is probably very simple but I'm getting old now! :?



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You would have to clear the channel/fixture that is currently assigned to 048, then you can assign 048 to a different channel/fixture.

To do this, select the channel which is currently assigned to 048 in the manual patch, highlight 048 and press the clear button.

Then you can assign 048 to the channel or fixture you want.


The other option is to clear the dmx completely, and start from scratch.

You can do this with the '"Clear DMX Patch" option in the patch menu.

This would require you to setup all channels again though, for both regular channels and your fixtures.

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I have read the user manual, but im still confused as to how i do this? This function would be really usefull! Someone please help!




Do what ? Please explain what you wish to do, and if it's possible then we will try and explain how to do it :P

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In the Zero 88 Fixture Library (which is available on this forum) there are a number of fixtures which are listed under the manufacturer <CONVENTIONALS>.








Pebble Convex




Each of these fixtures has a single brightness (intensity) channel.


To assign one of these fixture types to a fixture button on your fat frog you will need to have a copy of the fixture library on a floppy disk inserted into your desk.


Follow the instructions on how to assign a fixture type from floppy disk (Manual Page 6-5).


Select <CONVENTIONALS> as the manufacturer and then Dimmer as the fixture type.

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