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We have had our beloved Fat Frog in our church for a while and about 3 months ago, we decided to start "Feeding" him. So far, we have 14 Parcans and 2 Ellipsoidals. :P We're building on what we have and are about to buy a package that includes:


  • 4x Shiva -200/250

2x Martin CX2

2x Geni 75w Strobes

2x Geni AF900L Foggers w/ controllers

1x Martin 2518 DMX controller (we'll use our fatfrog instead of course)

1x Full set of DMX cables for entire system

1x Full set of Orange 10 Amp Power cables for system

4x MEC 2m square Truss and base plates

Along with cases for all of the equipment and a trailer.


I really just want to make sure that all of the lights (and foggers if possible) will work with the Fatfrog and how the best way to set them up would be.

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If any of the moving lights are not in the latest fixture library, you can either send us the channel information or create the user fixture type profile yourself using the Fixture Type Editor.


With foggers, hazers, smoke machines etc, providing they are controlled by DMX they can be controlled via the fat frog, either using the preset faders or as a fixture.

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Thanks K-Nine, I'll check there. I have read a few of the other threads regarding churches and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the best way to use these lights for best effect. We currently have 3 bars, 2 over our stage and 1 FoH over the audience. Each of these is about 7m long and we use these for our parcans and our 2 Ellipsoidals.


We can position the moving lights anywhere in the auditorium and we have a black curtain around the back of the stage. It's rather a large area to light (seats 600 people max) and we have plenty of power to run it all. The pars are run off a phase 3 dimmer with 12 channels (currently 1 through 4 and 9 through 12 are used) corresponding to the first 12 generics on our desk.

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