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V10 Fix Brightness

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First of all: what a weird way of patching!


Second: I don't get your question? You can alter the fixtures you're viewing by pressing F1 and a fixture selection button, the button you press will be the first fixture on the screen. It works fine for me, don't see your problem. Maybe you could explain a bit?

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The patching is used so that each row of fixtures buttons matches a lighting bar on stage, weird but it works for me!!


What I didn't explain was that I was referring to the memories page, which now shows (or should do) the brightness level of all fixtures - this is the bit that seems to work when it feels like it!!

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The 'FIX BR' bar at the bottom of the memories screen shows the levels of the 'virtual presets' that are controlled by the wheels for the fixtures. These are mixed HTP with other brightness sources (e.g. submasters and playback stack), and so aren't necessarily the same as the current outputs. Have a look on the outputs screen if you want to see the current outputs.


See also THIS TOPIC.

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Useful when some light stick to being on all the time and you don't know where that output is coming from. Check your screen and make sure those virtual faders are at 0! During showtime these should always be set to 0, at least thats the way of running the show that I like. Use a submaster for brightness of your fixtures.

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