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dim atomic3000 with submaster

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Ok, this is my problem.


When I program our atomic 3000 strobes (mambo frog) and transfer the program to a submaster I can't dim the strobes like a head etc..

It has a brightness channel but if I program the strobes at a desired speed they just won't dim. I have to createa program with the rate @ 0 to turn them off.

does anybody have an idea what I'm doing wrong and explain to me how I can create this?




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Is this the MARTIN Atomic 3000 Fixture ?


According to our fixture library it can operate in 1, 3 or 4 channel modes.


Three and Four channel modes have a dimmer channel which should be controlled by the position of the submaster fader. The other channels in 3 and 4 channel mode are classed as beamshape and will therefore be triggered as the submaster fader is raised above the LTP trigger level.

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I tried this during the set-up today and I can't dim the martin atomic 3000 like you guys say. With the grand master they worked fine and manually also.

But when I turn the brightness @ 0 then they won't work.

When I turn brightness @ 100% and put the sub up they flash @ full power.

I checked the mode on the strobes and they are in mode 4 just like the fixtures in the mambo.

Probably I'm doing something stupid wrong, but I don't know what.

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Do you have v10 running? Maybe you're not programming every parameter because the beamshape option is set to "channel" instead of "all"?


With strobes it's important that you program every channel value to the sub, otherwise it won't work. Though that doesn't really explain why they're not dimming. Have you made sure the fixture file corresponds with the DMX chart of the Atomics? Maybe something's off there in one of the modes... ?

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I had this problem with V9 and V10.

The mode is correct for as far I know, but will chack this tomorrow.

I have a lot to do this week and they have to dim this friday, so I hope the problem will be solved quickly.

First I'm going to see how I can patch 16 Mac500, 4 Mac600 and 16 Movitec SL250 on a mambo and draw a dmx set-up for this weekend :roll: .

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try programming a different submaster with only the brightness from the atomic at 100%. Make sure you untag it before recording it. This way, only the brightness should be recorded. The try combining this new submaster with the one already programmed. That way you can find out if the atomic's brightness is actually seen as a htp channel and is recording properly. If it is, try recording it again, this time tagging the fixture, and setting the rate, duration etc. correctly, and off course including the brightness again.

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have received my own atomic on a fatfrog this weekend. I tested it myself. Couldn't find any trouble though. Everything worked out fine. However I did notice that, when recording the beam parameters in a submaster, you must remember to re-trigger it whenever you alter the parameters on the wheels, since the submaster gets overridden this way.

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