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Cant get the macs to work with audio input!

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I asked this on the old forum but can't find it now...


I need my generics and macs to do random (FROG) things in time with a music input.



I also want this on a submaster (this bit relates to my previous post a few minutes ago) so the 100% on the sub turns the chase on in time with the audio input, and 0% obviously turns it off


Any help much appreciated!



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There are number of points to remember here ..


Although the FROG function may perhaps be perceived as an automatic 'chase' outputting random 'steps' it is not the same internally as a chase memory.


The FROG function currently only applies to LTP channels (colour, beamshape and position parameters). You cannot currently FROG dimmer channels or fixture brightness (intensity) channels. This was experimented with originally when the FROG function was in development but quite frankly, didn't look too good.


For your dimmer channels it is probably best to program a chase memory with a number of steps to give the impression of 'random' outputs, set the drive modifier to base, and transfer the chase memory onto a submaster.


If you record channel data which contains fixture parameters which are "FROG"ging rather than outputting a constant value, raising and lowering the submaster fader will NOT start and stop the FROG effect - the LTP parameters that are programmed will be triggered when the fader passes the LTP trigger point but they will not be 'stopped' when the fader is lowered. You could always program another submaster with the same parameters at a fixed value (eg their home position) to stop the fixtures FROGging.


The FROG function can be set to sound to light mode via the FROG Function Screen (see manual pages 7-4 and 7-5 for further details)

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