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parameters change with wheels

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this is for the submaster screen and the memory screen.


sometimes i want the change several memories quickly. for example adjusting memories 1/10 to have their fade time at 10 secs. At this moment you'll have to step to the relavant parameter, change it using +/- , then step back to memory number, use + once, then step forward again to the paramter, use +/-, etc etc.


i'd like it if i could step from the fade time from one memory, directly onto the fade time of the next memory.


Therefore, would it be possible to use the up and down arrows for going to the next and previous memory, the +/- for the next and previous parameter, and then one of the wheels, or any other 2 buttons, for actually adjusting the value?


This would greatly speed up the process of adjusting values.

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Using the wheels to adjust a parameter wouldn't be too useful on the Frog desk, it doesn't have any :-)


The issue you raise though has come up a number of times, if you do a search for the following Frog Reference numbers, you'll find further discussion on it...


Frog Reference 5419 - Modify the action of the cursor keys (and other keys as necessary) on the external keyboard to relate to the monitor screen rather than simply mimic the front panel cursor keys.


Frog Reference 5493 - Use the function keys F5 - F8 on external keyboard as short cuts to fade times on memories screen.

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