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dmx universe

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As stated in the manual:


Notes - Patching Generics (Bull Frog)


The generic channels may be patched to

either DMX universe (A or B).


The universe identifier (A or B) is displayed

on the Manual Patch screen (eg A123

represents universe A, DMX channel 123).


When in the Manual Patch screen, the EDIT

button can be used to toggle between the

two universes.


Good luck!

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does that mean that i can patch another channel to B 123 eg does it increase the desk from 96 channels to 192 channels? if not I don't understand the use of it, HELP!!!!

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The Bull Frog has 96 generic channels and up to 24 fixtures.


Some larger fixtures require in excess of 20 channels per fixture. If you had 24 fixtures at 20 channels each that would require 480 channels of DMX leaving a mere 32 channels for your dimmers.


Therefore in these situations it is sensible to patch your fixtures on one universe and your generic channels on the other.


Remember also that each generic channel may be patched to more than one DMX address.

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so how why is there 2 dmx outputs on the FAT FROG , ok ive not looked into it greatly



2 universies should mean 1024 dmx channels right ?


so why does the desk only ever list 512?



am i missing something ?



id like to use univers A for generics and univers B for fixtures , is it possible on the fat frog





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Hi Sam


The desk has dual DMX outputs, so it can output two identical sets of 512 channels (which negates the need for a DMX splitter). The Bull Frog and Mambo Frog desks in the range have seperate DMX universes, giving 1024 channels, as do the new Leap Frog 48 and Leap Frog 96 desks.


I hope this helps clear things up,



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