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big gig and don't know what to do

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I have 2 do a party the 15th of october, with the following fixtures:


- 16 * Movitec SL250

- 4 * Martin Mac 600

- 16 * Martin Mac 550

- 2 * Martin Mac 500

- 4 * 6 Pars

- 8 * sunstrip

- 4 * Atomic 3000

- 4 * Blinder

- 4 * ChromaBank

and maybe some Led tubes


Now my question is, is it possible to control all the fixtures at the same time with the mambo frog?


It are a lot of different fixtures so I thougt that it won't be easy to control it with the mambo.


I'll include a screenshot from WYSIWYG so you guys have an idea how the rig is going to be.


does anybody have an idea how I could control this?

I could use a Hog1000, but then I have to learn this in a month.







Edit: Size of pictures changed

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Moderators Note: The pictures above are fine but can you reduce them in size please so that it is not necessary to keep scrolling right to read all of the text in the posts.


Images should be no larger than 640 x 480 pixels.


The Mambo Frog can control up to 96 fixtures, but remember that if you want to control generic lights individually (eg parcans) they will treated as a single fixture.


Have you considered a Frog 2 :)

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Interesting rig. I think the key to plotting these fixtures on the Mambo will be Groups - set your fixtures up in the groups as required, then you can replay palettes etc over the top of the groups. Remember you can create palettes for each colour which encompass all the fixture types - for example, 'Red', irrelevant of the fixture type. In this way, even with a large number of fixtures such as this, you should have pleanty of palettes.


Where are the chromabanks on your rig? It might be worth thinking about how you want to control them - do you need RGB per pixel, or can you cope with RGB on the whole batten? Jumping down to one of the lower-channel modes will speed up both your plotting and make the channel count significantly lower.


I think if I was presented with this show, i'd think hard about exactly what was going to be needed at any one time - presuming you'll need the strobes and blinders on instant access (SX or Subs), but what about all the other elements. By the time you do the show, you should be able to program down to parameter level, which will help immensely when creating strobes, rotating gobos, prism, and even with the chroma banks.


Good luck! As K9 says, maybe a Frog2 would be a good desk for this show - the multiple playbacks would give you flexibility to run several stacks for colour, beam, position, etc.


Keep us up to date with developments.





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I've considered a frog 2, but no rental company around here has it I think and I also have to learn this desk. I'd love 2 use it, but don't think that I'm going to get my hands on it for training and the gig :(


I always use parcans as single fixtures, so I'd already knew this 8)


@ Kirkup_xp


the chroma's will be at the bottom of the backdrop that normally will be white to give it a color or on the truss in front of the DJ.

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The show will be controlled with 2 * Mambo frog and we've added 44 LED tubes to the rig. Where these will be I don't know, but I'm sure the amount of truss is large enough to fit them all 8)


after the event I will post some pictures and maybe a movie.


I'm going to try to create an equal impressive show like we did in april.

The movie of this can be found Here (12.7 MB)

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Are you going to operate 2 desks, or will you have a fellow operator on the other mambo?


I don't like working with 2 different consoles, unless the other one has an operator standing behind it who shares my view of operating. Would have gone for the hog 1000 in your case: nice opportunity to learn some other consoles now you've got a month for it. Maybe next time you'll be forced to work on one for some reason and then don't know what to do.

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there will be a second operator at the desk, but I will be controlling both desks most of the time.

the Hog1000 was indeed a better option, but our company doesn't have one and if we'd have to rent one just for learning would be a bit expensive. In april we're doing the 4th edition of this party and by then I hope to have learned the Hog or maybe a Frog2 :wink: .

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  • 1 month later...



it was a great party. More than 5500 partypeople and the lights worked great. It wasn't that difficult to control 2 mambo's as I thought.


had an error (FbER) on one of the Mac's but it workes fine does anybody know what it means?


here are some pictures of the show.

I will post the movie when it's finished.





(We had to put a truss on the floor becouse of the weight)



(LED tubes are really great 8) )





(a lot of people 8O )






Me controlling 2 mambo frogs)

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had an error (FbER) on one of the Mac's but it workes fine does anybody know what it means?


Yeah that a feedback error on the positioning feedback system. MACs will still work but position won't be as accurate as it should be, and sometimes movement will act strange because the head loses track of it's own position. You can still run show but make sure to look at it, it won't work forever. Probably a loose connector in the arm where all positioning hardware is found.


Close up on the VJ (?) please!

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